Come Meet Us at Summer Bridalrama 2019

Come meet us this Sunday, July 21st, at the Duke Energy Convention Center for Bridalrama’s Summer 2019 show! We’ll be there with hundreds of other wedding vendors showing our stuff. You can get a free photo strip, meet us, and book your date if you want!

We’ll have a special deal at the show. What is it? Well you’ll have to be there! And, even better, we have 100 free tickets to give away! Just fill out our contact form with you name and address and we’ll mail you (or arrange a dropoff if there’s not enough time) up to four tickets for you and bridesmaids or family to attend.

History of Photo Booths

Photo booths have been around for nearly a century, though of course digital ones have been around for a much shorter time.

Analog photo booth

An early film photo booth

Atlas Obscura, one of the best web sites to burn up a couple hours before you even realize it, has a fascinating article on the inventor, invention, rise, and fall of the analog photo booth. Originally called a Photomaton, the first one cost $11,000 to build – in 1925! It was so successful though that the inventor made a cool $1 million in less that two years.

These film and chemical bath contrationss still exist in a few places – mostly touristy areas particularly around New York City. While nowhere nearly as common as they were even a couple decades ago, like the pay phone and newsstand, they still exist in a few corners of the world.

Check us out in the Reds Program

Opening Day has come and gone, formally announcing that baseball season is finally here! (That spring season, though, we’re still not sure about.) But moving on, with the arrival of baseball comes our space in the Reds Magazine, better known as the gameday program. I’m fairly confident seeing our ad alone is surely worth the $5 price for most people, but there’s a lot of great information that may come in handy should you hit up the game.

reds_program_adAs alluded to above, the star of the program is our ad nestled in prime territory on page 105 of your program, shown to the left. (Probably should have added a spoiler alert a little higher up.) Nestled across from the Community Outreach page, you’ll find us in the right hand column.

Of course there’s plenty of other information and features in the magazine. Stuff like a Jay Bruce poster, calendars, and the all important concessions map. To be sure, there’s plenty of stuff to peruse between innings.

This is of course the first of four editions of the magazine so chances are our ad will be floating around in different locations in future editions should you pick up a magazine after May. On a slightly more serious note, it is kind of cool to have my business be featured in the publication, even if the price of admission was pretty steep. Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions on the ad?