Memory Book with your Photo Booth

Make your event a bit more memorable with our memory book service. This optional add-on saves a photo strip (available for 2×6″ print layouts only) from each session in a high quality 12×12″ post-bound photo album. We bring along all the supplies – markers, paper, tape and more – so that guests can personalize the book.

Two memory books for a combined graduation party. We used paper that matched the school’s colors, and metallic sharpies for a unique look

Customizing the Book

We can customize the book in many ways. Many weddings want all-white or light-colored paper with markers matching the wedding colors. For graduation parties, we often incorporate the school color’s into the paper used. We can bring along normal Sharpies, metallic ones, or gel pens to make a photo booth scrapbook that fits your style.

Whether it’s for a wedding reception, birthday party, retirement party, or other major life event, this service makes your day even more memorable, and allows you to go back and remember that day and your guests.

We get photo albums with picture windows on the front so we can make something like this

This service is available for $70, and can be added up to a day or two ahead of your event if you want to add it after booking. For weddings, many couples use the memory book as an alternative to (or addition to) the more traditional guest book, asking that each guest get a photo and sign their names. If you go that route, make sure to give your DJ or emcee instructions to get people to go to the booth!

A wedding photo booth part-way through an event

We can also create a memory book after the event, where we print off the best photo from each session, trim if necessary, and add it with the printouts. Obviously, you won’t get the benefit of guests signing it, but you will get a greater collection of photos and of course still have a great memory of the event.

This was a memory book created after the event

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