Tips for Better Wedding Photos

Many of our photo booth rentals are for weddings, and while we don’t do wedding photography ourselves, I often interact with wedding photographers, as many great shots are made around and even in the booth of guests and the couple.

Yahoo’s Makers section has this great article on wedding photographers today, and while it leads with “pet peeves” for click-bait hits, it has some great suggestions to help you get the best photos for your wedding day that you probably didn’t think of. Respecting the sun is a big one, as any photographer can tell you, so don’t have your wedding too early in the day, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. Evening sunlight is often flattering, especially compared to harsh midday light. And communication is key with all your wedding vendors (photo booth guys included!) The lead up to a wedding is hectic – all us wedding professionals understand that – but keeping in touch and communicating what you want and need will only make your day go smoother and make the event better.

For more tips check out the article.